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IMMEDIATE EFFECT : like geeting rid of superfluous cells with a sword.
FUNCTIONAL : PYR Sword is automated ; the operator may concentrate himself on its practice.
RELIABLE : the program fits the PYR Sword functions to the parameters of the customer.


Function 1: Parabola melt

For its parabolic slimming function, PYR Sword uses the technology of high frequency continuous ultrasound, focused in a sphere form.

When the high frequency ultrasound (~1 Mhz) is focused on a single point by a parabola, the intensity at the converging point is high. The ultrasound is then transmitted momentarily.

To deal with that fact, PYR Sword uses the diffraction properties of the elastomer. The ultrasound is then focused on a sphere with a diameter of 3mm. The center of this sphere is to be found in a layer of fat cells at 4mm under the skin. The emitted energy is more diffused, the treatment is more secure.

The ultrasound of PYR Sword is transmitted continuously for a faster treatment. The sword device is equipped with 4 ultrasounds. The power of the 2 inner ultrasound is nearly twice higher than the 2 outer ones.


  • Decomposition of the fat cells by adding a strong vibration and heat: «parabola melt».
  • The capillary vessels of the subcutaneous tissue are free from compression of enlarged fat cells and cellulite.
  • The ultarsound acts on the tightening of the tissue (epidermis, dermis) and the production of collagen. The skin is beautified.


Function 2: parabola pulse


  • A parabola antenna is a bowl-shaped antenna that uses the properties of the parabola to reflect the waves.
  • An electromagnetic wave is emited from the center of the device to the body. The reflected wave allows to measure instantaneously the thickness of the fat layer.
  • The tickness of the fat layer is expressed by a 12-step graduated scale. The tickness of each step is about 3 mm.


  • The pulse is a phenomenon in which blood flow, pressure value, …, change radically like a pulse of a heartbeat.
  • With a specific pulse signal, the device forcibly contracts the muscles (from the shallow ones to the deep ones).
  • The technology is equipped with a wave that has been designed to penetrate into the skin without discomfort. The device is programmed to perform strong muscle contraction without pain.


Function 3: Massage, drainage

Benefits of the massage by effleurage or by kneading:

  • Flush out of the fat cells and cellulite decomposed by parabola melt, metabolic cellular waste and lymph fluid.
  • The contracted muscle by the pulse wave is pressurized by the Sword, resulting in a more intense muscular exercise.
  • The blood may easiest flow into the capillary vessels. The oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the peripheral cells.
  • Depending on the treatment method, it is possible to produce the effect of fascia release.

Following uses are also possible:

  • The Sword may be used in pulse mode, without the operator assistance, by placing it under the hips or the abdomen of the customer.
  • Treatment of fine parts of the body in pulse mode thanks to the curve and the thinness of the Sword tip. Always avoid bones or internal area of the pelvis, etc.
  • Pumpage effect by performing the pump motion from bottom to top. Especially effective in case of poor flow of lymph fluid.


Public price: 2€ / min
Belly: 12 min
Buttocks: 12 min
Back: 12 min
Back of the legs: 16 min
Before legs: 8 min
Arms: 12 min




Sword size 530 x 55 x 40 mm
Sword weight 780 g
Station size 220 x 270 x 440 mm
Total weight (Sword + Station) 4,5 kg
Energy consumption 10 W
Loading time Approximately 2,5 h
Power supply Input 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz,
Output 12V DC 3A




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Non-contractual information, subject to change without notice - The products and treatments proposed in this document may be the subject of specific regulations. It is the responsibility of the user or the purchaser of the equipment to obtain information from the competent authorities on the applicable regulations in his country of use as well as the specific conditions of use of this equipment.


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